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Need to move part or all of your course online? Wondering what technology to use? Here, you will find resources, tips, best practices, and how-to guides to help you create engaging learning experiences for your students. 

Preparing for Spring 2021: CLT Support Options

As you work on your Fall courses, CLT invites you to leverage various support options, including on-call assistance, one-on-one consultation, live online workshops, self-paced workshops, and how-to guides.  

Find out what support you need from CLT by assessing your overall readiness to transition and teach online. Then, register for the Preparing to Teach Your Courses Remotely workshop.

How Do I...

How Do I...

This section answers some of the most common questions asked by ODU faculty. Each answer provides multiple resources, including links to self-paced workshops and how-to guides.

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Revisit Your Concerns

Revisit your concerns about online teaching. Do you believe that: 

  • Online courses mainly consist of PowerPoint files and quizzes?
  • Online courses are lower in quality than face-to-face courses?
  • Students will not learn much in an online course?
  • Online courses provide limited opportunities for interaction, participation, and discussion?
  • Online students are lazy and disengaged?
  • Online teaching is not enjoyable; you will have no connection with students; you will lose your teaching persona and charisma?
  • Student cheating is rampant in online courses?
  • Group work is challenging to conduct in an online course?
  • Online students lack opportunities to apply and practice knowledge and skills?
  • Online students feel isolated?
  • You will not be able to connect with your students online?

Learning more about online teaching is likely to allay your concerns. Here are some tips and best practices from the field.

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