Mid-Semester Course Evaluation

The Mid-Semester Course Evaluation is designed to collect detailed feedback about how well the course is working. It's an opportunity for faculty to make adjustments during the semester if time allows and, of course, to revise the course for future offerings. It may be offered once at mid-semester (or in some cases more frequently) and, if course correction is implemented, repeated for comparison at semester end. The Student Feedback survey is designed to collect "fast" feedback and can be used weekly, after each teaching module or unit, or on another cycle deemed appropriate by the instructor.

In Class

To administer either or both of these surveys during class on paper, you can ask a student or coworker to assist you by taking a few minutes of class time to provide and collect the surveys, while you are out of the room. Or, you may ask a member of the CLT staff to offer the survey to your class.

Paper/Printable Version for Use in the Classroom

Online via Blackboard

To administer either or both of these surveys in Blackboard download the package file, import it into your course site, and deploy the survey(s) in a content area of your choice. By using Blackboard to administer either survey, you will be able to keep the surveys anonymous and view the collective results quickly and easily. Note that the identities of individuals are not provided in survey results.

To import these tools into your Blackboard course site(s), follow the steps provided below:

To Import the Survey into Blackboard

  1. Download Mid-Semester Course and Student Feedback Surveys package for Blackboard (.zip)
  2. Go to the course Control Panel > Packages and Utilities > Import Package/View Logs , then click Import Package
  3. Under the “Select a Package” heading, click “Browse My Computer” to find the zip file you just downloaded
  4. Under the “Select Course Materials” heading, select the Tests, Surveys, and Pools checkbox.
  5. Click "Submit"

To Make the Survey Accessible to Students

  1. Open the course content area or folder where you want to publish the survey in Blackboard.
  2. Click on Assessments > Survey. Then choose the correct survey name (e.g. Mid-Semester Course Evaluation) within the box next to "Add an Existing Survey". Then click "Submit".
  3. A new page will appear that includes the survey title and description. Set the following survey options:
    • "Make the link available" to Yes
    • Click "Force Completion" box
    • Set other options as preferred (e.g. Add a new announcement, multiple attempts, or display and due dates)
    • Click "Submit".

To View Results in Blackboard Grade Center

  1. Open course Control Panel > Grade Center > Full Grade Center
  2. Select the grading column with the survey name (e.g. Mid-Semester Course Evaluation). Click on the down arrow in the survey grading column
  3. Click "Attempts Statistics" to see an aggregate summary of responses to all questions on screen, or
  4. Click "Download Results" for an Excel file of each individual response.

Last updated July 29, 2019.