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Need to move part or all of your course online? Wondering what technology to use? Here, you will find resources, tips, best practices, and how-to guides to help you create engaging learning experiences for your students. 

Aha! Moment

With remote teaching entering its third semester, we at the Center for Learning and Teaching are so proud of ODU’s faculty members. They have done nothing less than reinvent their teaching practices, all to ensure good learning outcomes for their students. To capture these unseen innovations,  CLT invites you to share your Aha! Remote Teaching Moment.

What worked for you?  Why do you think it worked? How did you do it? Your Remote Teaching Moment can answer one of the following questions or any other questions or issues you successfully addressed. For instance, how did you:

  1. …engage your students before and during class?
  2. …reorganize your course content?
  3. …assess your students' learning?
  4. …use alternative assessment methods?
  5. …manage students' group work?  
  6. …encourage both online and off-line discussion?
  7. …provide meaningful feedback to your students?
  8. …make learning personal?
  9. …empathize with your students?
  10. …manage your course labs?
  11. …find other methods of teaching remotely?
  12. …manage large classes?
  13. …encourage collaboration?
  14. …maintain/promote academic integrity?
  15. …handle students’ special needs and limited access to technology?

To share your Aha! Remote Teaching Moment, you can submit a video or audio (each entry should be shorter than three minutes) or use text (please keep a text submission to 300-350 words). Your entry should include:

  • Title: Please make it short and meaningful (40-60 characters).
  • Description: Please list your task, purpose, activities, and a reflective statement.    
  • Time requirement: Please tell us how much time it took you to implement the Aha! Remote Teaching Moment.
  • Keywords: Please list 3-5 keywords. 
How Do I...

How Do I...

This section answers some of the most common questions asked by ODU faculty. Each answer provides multiple resources, including links to self-paced workshops and how-to guides.

View 'How Do I...' Resources

Revisit Your Concerns

Revisit your concerns about online teaching. Do you believe that: 

  • Online courses mainly consist of PowerPoint files and quizzes?
  • Online courses are lower in quality than face-to-face courses?
  • Students will not learn much in an online course?
  • Online courses provide limited opportunities for interaction, participation, and discussion?
  • Online students are lazy and disengaged?
  • Online teaching is not enjoyable; you will have no connection with students; you will lose your teaching persona and charisma?
  • Student cheating is rampant in online courses?
  • Group work is challenging to conduct in an online course?
  • Online students lack opportunities to apply and practice knowledge and skills?
  • Online students feel isolated?
  • You will not be able to connect with your students online?

Learning more about online teaching is likely to allay your concerns. Here are some tips and best practices from the field.

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