By now, you know that ODU has moved to Canvas as its enterprise learning management system. As you move from Blackboard (Bb) to Canvas, count on the Center for Learning and Teaching’s pedagogical and instructional technology specialists to support you. While this transition might require you to learn new tools and unlearn old ones, it offers an opportunity for you to rethink and reorganize your course content. This is also an opportunity to step back and reflect on how the new features offered by Canvas can contribute to the accomplishment of your course learning objectives.    

To guide you through the transition, this site allows you to: 

What Do I Do Now? 

  1. Login into canvas.odu.edu  to check if your courses were migrated properly.  PLE courses are migrated based on their offering: Summer courses first, followed by Fall and Spring courses. 
  2. Use the post-migration checklist to clean up your courses in Canvas
  3. Report any feedback or content issues to ITS

For training opportunities: 

  1. Register for the CLT training sessions.  Check  with  your  department  chair  if  he/she  scheduled  a  departmental  workshop  with  CLT.   
  2. Complete the Growing with Canvas workshop by logging in to https://canvas.odu.edu/
  3. Explore the Canvas FAQs and the tutorials sections of this site