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The mission of the Center for Learning and Teaching is twofold: to support, promote, and enhance teaching, learning, and research; and to foster innovation.

The 2018 Faculty Summer Conference, Ahead of the Curve: How ODU is Shaping the Online Learning Landscape. May 22-23. Ted Constant Convocation Center.




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    Experienced online instructors: beliefs and preferred supports regarding online teaching

    Journal of Computing in Higher Education

    While online courses are becoming a mainstay of college course offerings administrators, staff, instructors and students have different perceptions about how online courses should work. While faculty members are expert in their discipline and institutions provide support for acquiring content expertise, how instructors develop skills in online teaching is neither systematic nor codified in higher education. This preliminary study reports findings from a Delphi study of expert online teachers who identified 11 institutional strategies that best supported their development of online teaching skills. Three major areas of most value were: training, external supports, and prolonged experience.

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    Technology is driving us to distraction

    The Guardian US

    How often are you diverted from a task by the seductive lure of your mobile phone? And does it matter? In a landmark book, James Williams argues we’re losing the power to concentrate.

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