Our Mission

The mission of the Center for Learning and Teaching is twofold: to support, promote, and enhance teaching, learning, and research; and to foster innovation.



  • Join Our Online Faculty Learning Community

    We've launched the COVID-19 Online Faculty Learning Community, a website where you can share ideas, lessons learned, tips, and resources with colleagues who have made the move to remote teaching or are planning to teach remotely. We're also using the OLC Website alongside Zoom sessions to foster an engaging community. Join today!
  • Keep Teaching During a Prolonged Campus Closure

    Good news! We've created a Keep Teaching site to help you continue your course online. It's full of tips and resources, as well as frequently asked questions. What's more, our knowledgeable on-call staff stands ready to help you leverage Blackboard, Zoom and your other instructional needs. Contact us at clt@odu.edu.


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