Our Mission

The mission of the Center for Learning and Teaching is twofold: to support, promote, and enhance teaching, learning, and research; and to foster innovation.



  • Workshop Certificates Now Available

    Congratulations to everyone who completed the Foundational Strategies for Effective Online Teaching workshop. Your certificates are available for pickup in our Welcome Center, 138 Gornto Hall. If you're not able to come in, please email us at clt@odu.edu and include your mailing address.
  • Now Online: Watch Video From Our Summer Conference

    Video from the event is available at our Faculty Summer Conference website. To watch, you'll need to log in using your MIDAS ID.
  • The 2019 Faculty Summer Conference Was a Hit!

    We thank everyone who participated in the 2019 Faculty Summer Conference and hope to see you at the next one, on May 19-20, 2020. CLT will send announcements about the conference theme, and how to participate, starting in the fall.


We're Reading

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    Virtual Language Learning at Monash University

    Virtually Inspired

    Monash University in Australia created a blended learning environment where students role-play in a virtual world to practice speaking Chinese. Students are present either in the classroom or online; the physical classroom, however, has a live presence in the virtual world.

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    Online Education: An Overlooked Lever of Education Policy

    The Chronicle of Higher Education

    Right now, the only enrollment momentum in higher education is occurring online; it's growing while overall enrollment is falling. And state leaders who ignore this trend will forgo a moment to have an impact.

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