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The mission of the Center for Learning and Teaching is twofold: to support, promote, and enhance teaching, learning, and research; and to foster innovation.



  • Get Up to Speed Fast With Our Special Online Workshops

    Choose from Bb: Essentials; Bb: Assessments; Zoom Essentials; Respondus Essentials; Bb: Welcoming Your Students to the Online Environment; Managing Your Online Presence; Organizing Your Online Course; Bb: Planning and Facilitating Quality Online Discussions; Recording Effective Mini-Lectures; Engaging Your Students in Readings and Mini-Lectures; Assessing and Proctoring Exams; and Providing Timely Feedback to Your Students. Register at CLT Event System.
  • Keep Teaching During a Prolonged Campus Closure

    Good news! We've created a Keep Teaching site to help you continue your course online. It's full of tips and resources, as well as frequently asked questions. What's more, our knowledgeable on-call staff stands ready to help you leverage Blackboard, Zoom and your other instructional needs. Contact us at clt@odu.edu.


We're Reading

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    Virtual Classes in a Virtual World

    Inside Higher Ed

    Stanford's Graduate School of Business conducts classes on a virtual campus, with avatars, soccer fields and a beach. The program may, if you're the right age, be reminiscent of massive multiplayer online games, like Second Life or Club Penguin. ​

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    Organic Online Discussions: Saving Time and Increasing Engagement

    Faculty Focus

    When the instructor begins the discussion thread with multiple levels of open-ended questions, as is often done in the classroom, students can take the conversation in a variety of directions as they respond to what others have said, thus creating a more natural conversation.​

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    Blackboard Behind Bars​​

    Inside Higher Ed

    Colleges and corrections departments increasingly are turning to online instruction for incarcerated students. But while those programs may be easier to scale, challenges and questions about quality remain.​

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    Commentary: Why I Won't Let My Classes Be Recorded​​

    The Chronicle of Higher Education

    In early January, I received an email message from an audio-visual coordinator at the UCLA School of Law asking whether I wanted my spring-semester class to be recorded. I responded, as I have to similar messages in previous years, with a request not to record my class.

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