2019 Faculty Summer Conference

Call for Proposals

Jumping on the Social Media Bandwagon: Is It Worth It?

Jumping on the Social Media Bandwagon: Is It Worth It?

May 21 - 22, 2019

Ted Constant Center, Old Dominion University

Is it worth it to jump on the social media bandwagon?

That is the theme for the 21st annual Faculty Summer Conference of Old Dominion University’s Center for Learning and Teaching. Designed to gather scholars from across the disciplines, the conference will focus on the challenges and opportunities, both institutional and academic, associated with social media.

As it exerts its profound influence on educational practice, social media is reconfiguring our landscape. At the institutional level, it has reshaped the traditional ways of attracting potential students and building relationships with external partners. Moreover, eager to reach out to current students, universities are leveraging it to inform, to connect, and to promote campus life.

At the academic level, faculty and students use it to create, share, and consume content. Faculty integrate social media into their teaching and learning activities to extend communication and collaboration, and they are encouraging students to create content and share resources. Social-media use is building students’ digital skills while it shapes their digital identities.

A 21st Century Challenge

However, the lack of clear policies, processes, and guidelines regarding the academic integration of social media often leads to fragmented use. This ad hoc approach is unlikely to allow universities to reap social media’s potential benefits. Indeed, faculty often perceive social media as a workload burden with no real academic value, while students tend to view unstructured social media activities as a distracting waste of time.

Given this dilemma, the 2019 Faculty Summer Conference provides a platform for discussing the following questions:

  • How is social media shaping the culture of teaching and learning in higher education?
  • How is social media perceived, espoused, and/or contested by faculty?
  • How do we support faculty use and integration of social media tools?
  • How do we leverage social media to sustain students’ engagement and motivation?
  • How can faculty embrace social media to rethink their teaching practices?
  • What are the challenges associated with social media (privacy, content and data ownership, legal and ethical responsibilities)?
  • Is social media impeding teaching and learning? What can be done to enable instructors and students to “unplug” from it?
  • How can we enable students and instructors to further their digital literacy skills as they are inundated with social media options?

Prepare Your Proposal

We encourage you to submit a proposal to share your story at the 2019 Faculty Summer Conference. Choose a session type:

  • Paper/Presentation: Present findings from a recent course in which you used social media. Include projected outcomes and lessons learned by both students and instructors.
  • Panel: Facilitate a panel of faculty, students, and/or partners and engage the audience in a discussion about social media opportunities and pitfalls. Include the panelists’ projected outcomes, lessons learned, and the amount of time needed for discussion.
  • Workshop: Lead or co-lead a workshop that demonstrates how you use social media in your course(s). Include projected outcomes, the target audience, and the amount of time needed.
  • Poster: Present a poster to summarize key findings from a recent course in which you used social media. Include outcomes, methodology, and lessons learned. The poster session will offer opportunities for you to answer audience questions directly. Upon request, CLT’s Graphic Design group can assist you with your poster.

Proposal Submission deadline: Friday, February 15, 2019

Worksheet and Submission Form

Please feel free to download and complete the Proposal Worksheet, to prepare for submitting the online proposal form. Not at ODU? Email your Proposal Worksheet to clt@odu.edu.

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