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Managing Exams

Scheduling Exams

Instructors of Synchronous Online Course s are required to fill out the Exam Scheduling Distribution Form, informing the Office of Distance Learning when all of your exams are scheduled.

Final Exams

Distance learning courses follow an alternate exam schedule, available here.

Requesting Proctors
Distribution of Exams
You will receive an email from CLT immediately following the drop-add date requesting that you visit this website to inform Distance Learning whether you will use a face-to-face proctor or if you will use online tests and exams in your course. If you choose to offer your test online (via Blackboard), inform your students of the schedule of the test
  • Students in your physical classroom: On testing day, you are responsible for proctoring and for bringing enough exams to give to students in your classroom.
  • Distance Students: If you have scheduled the use of a face-to-face proctor for your students’ exams, return to the Exam Scheduling and Distribution Web Page to upload and send your exam material to the sites. Be sure to complete this step at least 4 days before the exam due date.
  • Web conferencing students
    Web conferencing students are identified on your roster through call numbers:
    • WC2 - used for on-campus students, Hampton Roads students and students at all Higher Education Centers.  NOTE: These students will be live in a classroom.
    • WC5 - used for Web conferencing students within Virginia (but not within Hampton Roads)
    • WC7 & 8 - used for Web conferencing students outside of Virginia. These students may be associated with one of ODU's out-of-state partner sites or may not be associated with a particular site.

Learn more here.

  • When quizzes and tests are administered, the WC2 and WC5 students must attend the site in which they are officially recognized in the system, unless you are offering the quiz or test via Blackboard. Similarly, WC7 students associated with a site should complete any exams or tests at their official site, unless you are offering the quiz or test via Blackboard.
  • WC7 students not associated with a particular site, who we often term our “site-less students,” work with University-approved proctors to take exams and quizzes, unless you are offering the quiz or test via Blackboard.  
Returning Exams to Students
  • In order to provide a complete tracking procedure for exams, the Distance Learning distribution center has implemented a procedure for the return of tests. When our courier delivers exams, we will provide you with a list of the students whose tests are being returned. Our courier will need one copy of the list signed by you or someone in your department to acknowledge receipt of the materials. If you have any questions, please contact Harry Boucicaut (683-6093 or