FIG YearProject title
2019 Experimental Development for Small Satellites in 100 Level Engineering Classes 
Stacie Ringleb
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Collaborating Faculty
Robert Ash, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
The ThinSat project was developed to make it more affordable to launch satellites into space.  Approximately, 2 times a year, ThinSats will be on board a resupply mission for the international space station.  ODU is currently involved in this project at the senior design level and in outreach efforts to Norfolk Public Schools.  The objective of this project is to incorporate the preliminary hardware for experimental design on earth, in a tethered balloon (up to 500 ft) or in a UAV in MAE 111, Information Literacy in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering.  The goals of this project in MAE 111 will be to learn how to work with hardware.  
Final report
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