FIG YearProject title
2019 Utilizing an Information Technology to Evaluate Service Learning Projects in the Practicum Course 
Muge Akpinar-Elci
School of Community and Environmental Health and Center for Global Health 
Collaborating Faculty
Ajay Gupta, Computer Science; Michele Kekeh, Center for Global Health; MyNgoc Nguyen, Center for Global Health
We are planning to develop a service learning management and evaluation tool with Computer Science that will help the SCEH, Center for Global Health and its partners to show the impacts of service learning projects in Practicum Course and connect with the students' learning and the community organization's needs and benefits. The concrete objectives of this tool are (1) Connect and assess the practicum course competencies and students' service learning experiences; (2) to allow preceptors from community organizations to reflect on projects and the students' impact on organizations and (3) evaluate the service learning projects for continuous improvement f or sustainability.
Final report
Not available