FIG YearProject title
2017 Creating external representations to support reflection-in-action via Cacoo
John Baaki
STEM Education & Professional Studies
Collaborating Faculty
Tian Luo, STEM Education and Professional Studies
As faculty members of the program of Instructional Design and Technology, we strive to improve instructional and pedagogical practices to help our graduate students prepare for an ever-evolving, complex world where the design situation is uncertain and ever changing. Reflecting-in-action, meaning reflecting on the design process while doing it, helps designers handle situations of uncertainty, instability, uniqueness, and onflicted values that are inherent in ill-structured problems. In this grant effort, we focus on using Cacoo, an online iagramming and mapping tool, to help students create external representations, such as sketches, prototypes, and concept maps to support the process of reflection-in-action.
Final report
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