FIG YearProject title
2013 iComPADabilty: The Business of Faculty Mentoring and International Language Education with iPads
Betty Rose Facer
Foreign Languages and Literatures
Collaborating Faculty
Peter Schulman, Foreign Languages and Literatures
Astric Henrich-Lamb, Foreign Languages and Literatures
Steve Yetiv, International Studies - Political Science and Geography
Lisa Mayes, Office of Academic Enhancement
To address the concerns of foreign language enrollments, advanced-level language study, language proficiency, and career choices for foreign languages, this project proposes the iComPADibility Initiative to create and foster mentoring projects using the latest technology (iPad minis and iBooks Author app). This Initiative will create (1) the faculty mentor-student mentee relationship, (2) foster the student peer-peer mentorship and (3) create up-to-date faculty produced textbook materials for language business courses. The innovative technology and practical app features will hone undergraduate research projects and advanced language skills that give ODU students a competitive edge.
Final report
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