FIG YearProject title
2012 Virtual Versus Real Prisms for Optics Education
Declan De Paor
Collaborating Faculty
Charles Sukenik, Physics
Gail Dodge, Physics
Dick Zimmerman, Ocean, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
Scott Sechrist, NMED
Numerous science, engineering, and visual arts students need to understand light and spectroscopy. Glass prisms have long been used to teach about color, refraction, rainbows, etc. The PI previously created an interactive virtual prism ( using Flash. Advantages include the ability to change refractive index and shape and suitability for distance education or study after lab class.

But do students learn from virtual vs. real prisms? We will find out using pre-post-tests, eye tracking, think-aloud protocols, and polling. Positive results will lead to an NSF TUES Type 1 proposal and on-campus dissemination.

Final report
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