FIG YearProject title
2011 Web2Quest: Leveraging Web 2.0 Technology for a Digital-Age Learning Experience
Patrick O'Shea
Teaching & Learning Foundations
Collaborating Faculty
Jennifer Kidd, Teaching & Learning
Tami Al-Hazza, Teaching & Learning
Megan Britt, Teaching & Learning
Terrell Perry, College of Education/Institutional Research
Jody Sommerfeldt, Teaching & Learning
Erin Warham, Teaching & Learning
A WebQuest is the perfect teaching application for Web 1.0 technology, but it requires student only to be consumers of information. The goal of this FIG is to update the WebQuest model and to develop a supporting web-based application that asks students and teachers to collaborate in the production of a student-centered digital learning experience leveraging the authoring and sharing capabilities of web 2.0 tools.
Final report
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