FIG YearProject title
2011 Great Therapists of the Twentieth Century
Edward Neukrug
Counseling & Human Services
Collaborating Faculty
Robyn Blum, Philosophy & Religious Studies
Deborah Sturm, Univ of South Carolina, Counseling Program
GSSTC will be a multimedia virtual portal allowing students, professionals, scholars, and the public to interact with historically significant psychosocial theorists. Using wikis, audio and video stories, discussion forums, personal correspondences, biographies, links to sites, and interactive animations of theorists, this project will allow users to learn about: (i) the lives of these theorists; (ii) how their work was influenced by their cultural context; and (iii) how their work impacted American culture. This FIG grant will only focus on the initial building of the website. A grant proposal has been submitted to NEH for collection and placement of above artifacts.
Final report
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