FIG YearProject title
2010 Lights, Camera, Action, iMovies!: Student Video Podcasts for Foreign Language and Intercultural Communication
Betty Rose Facer
Foreign Languages and Literatures
Collaborating Faculty
Dr. Peter Schulman, FLL
Mierko Ishibashi, FLL
Lee Slater, FLL
Alicia Philips, Office of Intercultural Relations
Jennifer Fish, Women's Studies
The benefits of academic podcasting technology (audio only) to improve language skills are now documented in research, but little effort to include student-centered video podcasts as iMovies has been explored. Currently, podcasting projects in the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures are focused largely on faculty lectures and passive foreign language learning. This project will remedy this dilemma and advance the academic podcasting technology by preparing students to use the language in meaningful ways, in real life situations (Standards, 2006), by implementing (1) student-centered video podcasting technology and (2) an Online Foreign Language Exchange Community.
Final report
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