FIG YearProject title
2009 Integrate teaching, research and technology in fluid/structure interactions
Jin Wang
Mechanical Engineering and Mathematics
Collaborating Faculty
Gene Hou
Keejoo Lee, Aerospace Engineering
Shizhi Qian, Aerospace Engineering
Miltiadis Kotinis, Mechanical Engineering
This project aims to meet the increasing needs of education and research in the fluid-structure interaction problems. Such problems arise in many applied fields such as ship industry, navy craft operations and design optimizations, and demand large amount of efforts in education, research and technology development. This project represents a multidisciplinary effort and combines theory and computational methods in numerical analysis, fluid dynamics and solid mechanics, with an emphasis on fluid-structure interactions. The project will create an integrated teaching, research and technology platform in which students gain both knowledge and research training. This project will be available to both mathematics and engineering departments.
Final report
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