FIG YearProject title
2009 Broadcast to Podcast, Video to Vodcast: Authentic Materials as Portable Foreign Language Content
Betty Rose Facer
Foreign Languages and Literatures
Collaborating Faculty
Peter Schulman, Foreign Languages and Literatures
Paloma Sugg, Foreign Languages and Literatures
Albert Marra, Foreign Languages and Literatures
Dr. Alajandro Salgado Losada, Communications, Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca, Spain
This project plans to provide authentic materials as portable language content for all twelve languages offered in the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures. It will be made available to the ODU community and foreign language educators in the Hampton Roads area. SCOLA (Satellite Communications for Learning) broadcasts and authentic Spanish video clips will be converted to podcasts and "vodcasts" for download to portable media devices. The latest developments in podcasting technology will enhance the study of foreign languages and provide a cost effective way to bring authentic materials to our students using MALL (Mobile Assisted Language Learning).
Final report
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