FIG YearProject title
2008 iStudy Abroad: Portable Media Technologies to Enhance Language Acquisition and Promote Cultural Competency
Betty Rose Facer
Foreign Languages and Literatures
Collaborating Faculty
Dr. Stephen Foster, Dr. Peter Schulman, and Dr. Lee Slater, Foreign Languages and Literatures
Michael Dean, Office of Study Abroad
The iStudy Abroad Initiative will make significant contributions to the study of foreign languages and the study abroad experience. It will address how ubiquitous technology, portable media in particular, can be used to transform the study-abroad experience with the potential for increasing the number of ODU students going abroad. The ability to interact instantaneously, from anywhere with anyone expands the possibilities for language acquisition and a more successful experience abroad. The Initiative plans to use podcastsand blogs to achieve the goal of community, connectivity, and competency to enhance and promote the study abroad experience.
Final report
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