FIG YearProject title
2007 CATHIE Revisited: Using Interactive Learning Modules to Teach Helping Skills
Molly Duggan, Ph.D.
Educational Leadership and Counseling, Educational Curriculum and Instruction, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Collaborating Faculty
Lee Belfore, Ph.D.
Cheryl Latko, MS Ed.
Amy Adock, Ed. D
This proposal describes the rationale for further expansion of CATHIE, a web-based animated agent environment designed to teach helping skills in a distance learning setting, by incorporating the agent into an environment containing Interactive Learning Modules (ILMs). These ILMs will provide experiential learning opportunities and include interactive games, simulations, and drills. Traditional methods for practicing these skills rely on face-to-face interactions with instructors and fellow students. Development of a series of Interactive Learning Modules incorporating animated agents will allow learners at a distance to better practice their skills in a realistic environment similar to that face-to-face classrooms.
Final report
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