FIG YearProject title
2007 The Pedagogical Effectiveness of Academic Podcasting: Progressive Technology for Foreign Language Study
Betty Rose Facer
Foreign Languages and Literatures
Collaborating Faculty
Peter Schulman
Rosa Motta
Frederick Lubich
Peiling Zhang
Lee Slater
The key to achieving proficiency in speaking is developing proficiency in listening comprehension. As a result, it is up to instructors to provide students with essential listening activities as a substantial segment of the L2 curriculum. Academic podcasting technology will support this initiative by providing 24/7-accessibility and portability of the teaching and learning experience that expands the boundaries of the classroom. It will permit restructuring valuable classroom time and converting the popular bipod and other MP3 players into multi-purpose teaching and learning tool that can be used to reinforce class content, improve pronunciation and vocabulary, and improve oral and aural skills.
Final report
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