FIG YearProject title
2006 Developing a Wikibook as an Interactive Text Alternative
Dwight Allen, Ph.D., Eminent Scholar of Educational Reform
Educational Curriculum and Instruction
Collaborating Faculty
Patrick M. O’Shea, Educational Curriculum & Instruction
This project will develop an open-source textbook writing process utilizing Wikis, an open-source information organizational tool, and Blogs, an online journaling tool. Staff will outline a Wiki-textbook, which students will research and write. Each student will focus on a specific aspect of the content (approximately 1000 words long per student) and also edit other sections. Each student will be responsible for tracking his or her participation through posts to a blog. Students will be assessed on completeness and accuracy of their contributions to both the Wikibook and the Blog and the impact of the process on their perceptions.
Final report
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