FIG YearProject title
2005 Using Inquisite to inform student learning and teaching effectiveness
Jennifer Ann Morrow, Ph.D.
Collaborating Faculty
Shana Pribesh
There are two main goals of this project, to assess the effectiveness of evaluative expressive writing as a feedback mechanism on first year students' learning and to assess the impact of student feedback on teaching efficacy and effectiveness of graduate student teaching assistants by using Inquisite. We hypothesize that students who reflect on what they do and do not understand about course content will perform better academically. We also hypothesize that teaching assistants who are privy to real-time student assessments will feel more efficacious about their teaching skills. Finally, we believe that students who actively write about what concepts need to be clarified and experience their teaching assistants reacting to these requests for clarification will perceive that their teaching assistants are effective.
Final report
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