Old Dominion University, Center for Learning and Teaching

Updating Your Migrated Course in Canvas

May 17, 2022 02:50 PM - 04:30 PM

Presented by: Tracie Ortiz,   Melissa Ferguson,   Emilie Martin,  

In this workshop, you will apply a detailed post-migration checklist to ensure that your course is ready for your students.


Gornto 101


By the end of this workshop, you shouild be able to: 

  • Apply a detailed post-migration checklist to your Canvas course
  • Refer to the resources found in the Canvas Instructor Guide

Supplemental Material

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About the Presenters

Tracie Ortiz

Tracie Ortiz earned a Bachelors in Business Marketing from St. Mary's University, a Masters in Deafness and Habilitation from Lamar University, and a Ph.D. in Educational Technology from the University of Hawaii @ Manoa. Dr. Ortiz has always been an educator first teaching for over 15 years in K-12 Special Education as well as teaching as an adjunct instructor at various universities in Texas, California, and Hawaii before becoming an Instructional Designer at ODU. Dr. Ortiz's passion is to utilize experience and growth acquired over the years and apply these to accessible online course design and development for diverse populations of learners.

Melissa Ferguson

Melissa Ferguson is an Instructional Designer at the Center for Learning and Teaching. She earned her M.S. Ed. in Instructional Design and Technology from Old Dominion University in 2018. She enjoys consulting with faculty and working collaboratively with multidisciplinary teams to design and develop quality online courses. Her specialties and interests include content creation and editing, project management, accessibility, and applying technology to create engaging learning experiences. 

Emilie Martin

Emilie Martin is an Instructional Technologist with the Center for Learning and Teaching at Old Dominion University. With an M.Ed and 8+ years as an educator, Emilie has spent her career focusing on engagement strategy in the instructional design process. Her passion for engagement led her to a love for instructional technology. Emilie highly values measurable learner outcomes and greatly prioritizes accessibility in the design process.  She strives to produce deliverables that will create a massive impact on students, Educators, and other professional learners. She currently collaborates with interdisciplinary teams to develop effective and engaging E-Learning student coursework and professional learning experiences for ODU Faculty.