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Bringing Together Student Assignments and Collaborations in Canvas

May 17, 2022 11:25 AM - 11:55 AM

Presented by: Christine Sump,  

The multiple uses of the Collaboration Tool in Canvas will be summarized. The audience will then be walked through the steps of creating small group assignments within the Collaboration site. The audience will be given guidelines for loading a template in One Drive within the Collaboration group site, and an example used for a small group graded assignment will be shown and discussed.


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  1. The learner will identify the multiple uses of the Collaboration tool in the Canvas Learning Platform.
  2. The learner will describe the steps to develop and post an assignment using the Collaboration tool in the Canvas Learning Platform.
  3. The learner will describe how to optimize the One Drive option in the Collaboration tool in the Canvas Learning Platform.

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About the Presenter

Christine Sump

Dr. Christine A. Sump is an Assistant Clinical Professor at Old Dominion University School of Nursing in Virginia Beach, VA where she has been employed since 2010.  She currently is the Course Coordinator for the undergraduate Health Assessment, Pharmacology and Adult Health clinical courses. She also co-coordinates an interdisciplinary global health service-learning study abroad course in Guatemala and Ireland. In addition to her undergraduate commitments, Dr. Sump works in the graduate program with MSN students in the lab, clinical, and classroom settings, and acts as an advisor to several DNP students. Until 2013, Dr. Sump worked as a bedside, charge, and cardiac rehabilitation nurse in multiple acute care facilities throughout the United States.  She earned a BSN from University of Saint Joseph, an MSN from Old Dominion University, and a DNP from Francis Payne Bolton School of Nursing, Case Western Reserve University.