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Making Lecture Slides in HTML

May 17, 2022 01:00 PM - 02:00 PM

Presented by: Matthew Nerem,  

Lecture slides are an essential pedagogical tool and they must be refined for a digital age. This presentation will go over how to create interactive HTML slides that take advantage of all the features available in web browsers. An HTML slide can be hosted on a webpage, directly embedded into Canvas, and will work on any web browser or smart phone. This gives students the flexibility to access lecture material however they choose to without fear of compatibility issues. The tools to make these HTML slides are open source and allows anyone to create beautiful modern lectures.


Online Only


This session is will be accessible to everyone and assumes zero prior experience writing HTML files. By the end of the session attendees will see

  • the powerful features of HTML presentations.
    • animations
    • "clicker questions" and auto plotting results
    • integrated chalkboard
    • auto play recordings
  • how to create slides with a text editor.
  • how to host slides in Github pages and instantly share with anyone.

Supplemental Material

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About the Presenter

Matthew Nerem

Dr. Matthew Perry Nerem is a Lecturer of Physics at Old Dominion University that developed the online astronomy courses for ODU. He has over a decade of experience in teaching, running outreach events, and constructing physics demonstrations. Students frequently cite his enthusiasm as a major contribution to their educational experience. Dr. Nerem's research interest are in nonlinear dynamics and topological phenomena associated with Hamiltonian Monodromy and its potential application in optics.