How do I do it in Canvas?

This is a comparison between Blackboard & Canvas, feature by feature.   
If you know how to do something in Blackboard, this list will help you find it in Canvas. 

BlackboardCanvasWhat's the equivalent in Canvas? Features and Changes
Make Course Available Publish CourseWhat are the different states of a Canvas course?

You must publish your course for your students to access it.

You cannot unpublish your published course.

Course NavigationNavigationHow do I use the Course Navigation Menu?

You can hide menu items from students and rearrange the order of navigation menu items.

Unlike in Blackboard, you cannot create unique course navigation menu links or rename existing menu links in Canvas.

Learning Units AND FoldersModulesHow do I add a module? 

Modules are like Blackboard Folders and Learning Modules.

Describe the content of your Module by creating a Page as a first item in your module. 

Reorder modules and module content by using drag-and-drop.

You can set module prerequisites and module completion requirements.

You can require students to complete the module sequentially.

FilesFilesHow do I use Files as an instructor?

By default, every file you upload to the Files area is accessible to your students.  Use folder settings to restrict access. 

Drag and drop files into folders.

Upload/download your files as a .zip file. 

Content Items & PagesPagesHow do I create a new page in a course?

Pages are like Content Items in Blackboard. You can add text, images, videos, links, etc. 

Pages are like a Wiki. You can assign editing rights and track editing history.

You cannot call a script within a Canvas Page. Add your script call to a File, then use iframe to display the script file on a Page. 

No EquivalentSyllabusHow do I use the Syllabus?

Dates that appear on the Syllabus also appear on the Calendar.

The Syllabus displays a view of the course based on assignments and quizzes due dates.

AnnouncementsAnnouncementsHow do I add an announcement in a course?

If enabled, Canvas allows students to comment/reply to your announcement.

If enabled, users can receive notifications via social media applications.

You cannot pin an important announcement to the top of the announcement feed. 

CalendarCalendarHow do I use the Calendar?

Copy the calendar feed link into any calendar app that takes iCal feeds (Google Calendar, iCal, Outlook, etc.)

Populate the Calendar with items that have due dates.

View multiple course calendars in one view.

When you publish Calendar items, they are automatically listed the Syllabus.

You can use the Calendar as a scheduling tool.

(Assignment manager)
AssignmentsHow do I create an assignment?

To create a column in the Gradebook, you must create an assignment.

When created and published, assignments are added to the Assignment page, Grade Book, Syllabus, and Calendar.  If updated, all links are automatically updated. 

You can create peer-reviewed assignments.

Students are allowed to make multiple submissions for assignments.

You cannot grade multiple attempts separately.

You cannot set a specific number of allowed attempts

Discussion ForumsDiscussionsHow do I create a discussion?

Enable File Attachment to allow your students to attach a file to a post. 

You can require your students to post their own message before viewing other students’ entries. 

You cannot moderate posts, nor allow anonymous posting in ungraded discussions.

EmailInbox (Internal Messaging System)How do I use the Inbox?

Conversation messages are generated by comments made by a student or an instructor.

You can email a specific group of students who received above/below a certain grade.

If enabled in their notification settings, students receive email for every announcement or message posted in Canvas.

Tests, Quizzes, SurveysQuizzes, SurveysHow do I create a quiz?

When timed, Quizzes/Tests are automatically submitted.

You can adjust quiz times to allow additional attempts by individual students. 

Faculty can view a Quiz Log, and setup practice quizzes.

You cannot shuffle answers for individual questions. 

You cannot shuffle questions unless using Questions Groups. 

You cannot assign quizzes by group.

Grade CenterGradebook (or Grades)How do I use the Gradebook? 

Students can enter “what-if” scenarios to calculate hypothetical grades.

You can easily sort (by due date, assignment groups) or mute your assignments. 

You can provide feedback using text or audio/video. 

You need to publish your assignments before viewing them in the Gradebook.

You cannot arrange columns order automatically, or hide assignment columns. 

You cannot filter the Gradebook by assignment Status.

You cannot create Weighted, Average, minimum/Maximum, or Total Columns.

Grade AssignmentSpeedGraderHow do I use SpeedGrader?

Use Speedgrader for inline grading and giving  feedback without downloading students' submission. 

You can mark up submissions by adding comments, drawing, highlighting, or text.

RubricsRubricsHow do I add a rubric in a course?

You can add comments on media submitted by students and integrate with the SpeedGrader interface.

You can override the rubric grades.

You can give individual and overall feedback

GroupsGroupsHow do I add a group set?As in Bb, groups have access to course tools like Announcements, Pages, Files, Discussion and Collaboration.
No EquivalentNotification Settings   
How do I manage my notification settings?Review your notification settings to prevent being overwhelmed with all the communications generated by the Canvas platform.
JournalNo EquivalentWhat assignment types can I create?Use the Assignment tool with a text submission option.
BlogNo EquivalentHow do I create a discussion?Use the Discussion Board to mimic the blog functionality in Blackboard.
No EquivalentCollaborationsHow do I use the Collaborations  Index Page?Use Collaborations to integrate Office 365 applications in your course: work, share, edit the same Office documents. 
Notification DashboardRecent ActivityHow do I use the Course Activity Stream?You can expand, remove, or navigate to any item listed in Recent Activity.
ePortfoliosePortfoliosHow do I create a new ePortfolio?Allow students to retrieve and reuse assignments and projects across multiple courses.
Statistics TrackingAnalytics and New AnalyticsHow do I view Course Analytics?You can track user activity as well as assignments and grade distribution trends.
Student PreviewStudent ViewHow do I view a course as a student?Once you view your course as student, a Test Student will be automatically added to your Gradebook. 
Mobile AppMobile AppHow can I use Canvas on my mobile device?You can complete basic tasks with some limitations on interface and documents display.