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With remote teaching entering its third semester, we at the Center for Learning and Teaching are so proud of ODU’s faculty members. They have done nothing less than reinvent their teaching practices, all to ensure good learning outcomes for their students. To capture these unseen innovations,  CLT invites you to share your Aha! Remote Teaching Moment.

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Leveraging VoiceThread to Improve Language learning

03/12/2021 12:24PM 202020_FR101F_23433 BEGINNING FRENCH I,

As I was preparing to transition to remote teaching, I was worried about how to keep my conversational and engaging activities with my students. Luckily during one of the CLT workshops Mr. Greenwood introduced me to VoiceThread (VT). As an interactive collaboration tool, VT allowed me to create engaging learning activities for my students.

As a French instructor who relies on one-on-one conversational exchanges with my students, I used VT to design speaking and listening activities for my students. For example, I designed several activities to help my students practice their pronunciation by watching an image and recording their audio/video description of the image. Once submitted, I’m able to listen and provide personalized feedback on their submission . This individual feedback encouraged students to complete the activities, which lead to more participation during my synchronous Zoom classes. I noticed that my students were less shy about speaking and practicing their vocabulary.

Although it’s not like real-time feedback that I usually offer during my face-to-face classes, VT made a significant difference in my classes and allowed my students to practice their speaking and listening skills. I plan to continue using VT in my F2F classes as a practice activity.

Overall, it took me few hours to learn how to use the software and prepare my activity model. Finding examples on how VT is used in language teaching saved me time in creating my own activities.

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