About Us

Our Mission

The mission of The Center for Learning and Teaching is twofold: to support, promote, and enhance teaching, learning, and research; and to foster innovation.

The Center for Learning and Teaching (CLT), established in 1994 as part of the University’s Strategic Plan, serves the University by assisting faculty members to use and integrate technology into the teaching/learning process.

CLT offers a wide variety of services related to faculty support. Among those services are

  • instructional design and technology,
  • course design and development,
  • individual course management,
  • one-on-one consultation,
  • course website development,
  • workshops,
  • proctored testing,
  • graphic design of posters and instructional aids,
  • and demonstration and evaluation of tools and technologies.

CLT also coordinates the Faculty Innovator Grants and each year’s Summer Conference.

For general questions about CLT services, please contact us at (757) 683-3172 or email clt@odu.edu..

To request services, please visit Our Services for additional information or log in to CLT Apps .

Our Location

CLT is located on the first floor of the Gornto Building, on the south side of the campus between BAL and Perry Library.

Annual Reports

In the first quarter of each year, the report covering CLT’s work for the University during the prior year is published. These reports provide a quick glance at the achievements made toward accomplishing the mission of CLT.

CLT at a Glance

CLT at a Glance

Our Staff

Last Name First Name Title Phone Number Email Address Office
Abdous M'hammed AVP for Teaching and Learning with Technology (757) 683-6378 mabdous@odu.edu Gornto 336
Fisher-Sykes Joy Program Coordinator (757) 683-6106 jfisher@odu.edu Gornto 337
Wiggins-Bailey Anita Faculty Support Center Liaison (757) 683-3724 awiggins@odu.edu Gornto 138
Simpson David Technical Writer (757) 683-5205 dsimpson@odu.edu Gornto 137
Gray Jacky Graphic Design Manager (757) 683-5749 rjgray@odu.edu Gornto 134
Beltran Arthur Instructional Technology Specialist (757) 683-6428 aabeltra@odu.edu Gornto 301
Rose Kristyn Instructional Designer (757) 683-3223 k1rose@odu.edu Gornto 127C
Ferguson Melissa Instructional Designer (757) 683-5172 msfergus@odu.edu Gornto 127G
Owenby Drucilla Instructional Designer (757) 683-6354 dowenby@odu.edu Gornto 130
Ortiz Tracie Instructional Designer (757) 683-3222 tortiz@odu.edu Gornto 131
Redstone Ana Instructional Designer (757) 683-7157 aredston@odu.edu Gornto 127E
Lewis Jackie Instructional Technology Specialist (757) 683-3487 jrlewis@odu.edu Gornto 306
Brennan Spring Instructional Technology Specialist (757) 683-3713 sbbrenna@odu.edu Gornto 334
Greenwood Daniel Instructional Technology Specialist Manager (757) 683-5765 dgreenwo@odu.edu Gornto 300
Low Christy Instructional Designer (757) 683-5046 clow@odu.edu Gornto 128
Nickel Christine Instructional Designer (757) 683-7009 cnickel@odu.edu Gornto 136
Mahmud Faisal Instructional Technology Specialist (757) 683-7096 fmahmud@odu.edu Gornto 307
Norris Deborah Instructional Designer (757) 683-6304 ddnorris@odu.edu Gornto 129
Altamero Mark Multimedia Specialist (757) 683-5689 maltamer@odu.edu Gornto 302
Jones Rachel Multimedia Designer (757) 683-5669 r7jones@odu.edu Gornto 340
Torres Jesse Multimedia Specialist (757) 683-4548 jrtorres@odu.edu Gornto 338
Gordon Stuart Multimedia Production Manager (757) 683-5486 sgordon@odu.edu Gornto 339
Williamson Brian Multimedia Designer (757) 683-5901 bdwillia@odu.edu Gornto 303
Huffman, Jr. Fred Multimedia Duplication Specialist (757) 683-5173 fhuffman@odu.edu Gornto 328
Marcelino Dexter DevOps Web Application Developer (757) 683-6403 dmarceli@odu.edu Gornto 103B
Pen Darith Back End Developer (757) 683-4827 dpen@odu.edu Gornto 125
Daniels-Knuuti Jenifer Front End Web Developer (757) 683-4526 jdaniels@odu.edu Gornto 107
Gummadi Jyothi Web Application Developer (757) 683-5181 jgummadi@odu.edu Gornto 107
White Kristin Instructional Technology Specialist (757) 683-6109 krwhite@odu.edu Gornto 335