Multimedia Duplication


Multimedia Duplication offers audio and video duplication services to Old Dominion University students, faculty, and staff. Viewing services are also available for Old Dominion University faculty and students.


328 Gornto Hall (on 43rd Street, between Perry Library and Batten Arts and Letters Building)


Fred Huffman, Jr.
Multimedia Duplication Specialist
328 Gornto Hall
Phone: 683-5173
Fax: 683-6490


Monday through Thursday 8:30am - 5:30pm
Friday 8:30am - 5:30pm

Please call 757-683-5173 if you need to make special arrangements.

Holidays: The office is closed on


Turnaround Time:

Orders of up to four 1/2" VHS videotape copies from the same master will be ready for pickup within two business days. Broadcast class session requests may be completed sooner; please confirm when placing your order. Severe weather may negatively impact the turnaround time, so please PLAN AHEAD! Also, non-VHS formats may take longer, because of equipment constraints.

Note: High-speed dubbing equipment is not available for VHS duplicating, only for audiocassettes and DVD. It takes as long to duplicate a VHS tape as it does to watch it in the play mode.


DVDs are available for most classes. There are few instances when a DVD is not available, and a VHS copy is the only type of media available. Please confirm DVD availability when placing your order. DVDs will work on most DVD players (ie. Sony, Panasonic). They are not guaranteed to work on a PC with DVD player.

Multimedia Duplication can duplicate media from telecourses and other sources. However, if the copyright for the media is held by anyone other than Old Dominion University, permission to duplicate the tape must be provided in writing from the copyright holder before the duplicate is made. A sample copyright request form is available. Please call (757) 683-5173 for more information.

Media formats supported for duplication are audio tape, VHS tape, CD-ROM, and DVD.


Rates and Payment Options

Media Duplication:

Audio Cassettes: $6.00 per tape
We stock 60, 90, and 120 minute audio cassettes. Note: We do not have the capability to provide audio engineering services on audio cassettes.

1/2" T-120 VHS:

$7.50* per tape
International Conversion $15.00* per tape


$7.50 per one "start-and-stop" individual tape segment or class session.

Other types of media and lengths:

Please check in advance to see if other types you may need are available (e.g. DV CAM, 15, 30, 60 & 160 minute VHS).


Some courses cannot be duplicated onto DVD. Please check in advance before requesting a DVD copy.

*Special Rates:

Special rates are available for bulk VHS dubbing (over 100 duplicates) and for multiple “start-and-stop†master tape copies. Call for availability, rates, and turnaround time.

Shipping & Handling

United Parcel Service (UPS) Cost by weight & delivery zone + $0.50
Be prepared to provide a street address and telephone number; UPS will not ship to PO Box addresses.

First Class U.S. Postal Service (USPS)

Padded jiffy pack/USPS Prioity mail box:
  • 1 VHS tape: $4.95
  • 2 VHS tapes: $4.95
  • DVDs: $4.95 (per box)

Heavier packages:

  • Cost by weight + $0.75 handling

Special Handling or Delivery varies based on services requested. Forms of Payment

  • Check or Money order made payable to ODU-ATS
  • Budget Code (for on-campus billings)

Not accepted:

  • Cash
  • Credit Cards
  • Debit Cards