Graphics Department


CLT's Graphics staff provides professional design services for faculty and administrative staff for teaching, research, scholarly publications, conferences, seminars, and meetings.

The Graphics offices are located on the first floor of the Gornto Center.

Graphics Services

Services include the creation of illustrations (engineering, medical, scientific), maps, graphs, and charts: large-format poster presentations for conference poster sessions (up to 4' wide by 6' long); multimedia presentations. Graphics can also print your PowerPoint poster (saved as a pdf) for printing.

Video Instructions for converting a Powerpoint to a high quality pdf

Graphic Design Consultation

  • Offers two design studios
  • Offers a large-format color printer which accommodates poster-making


Gornto 134


Rosa Jaqueline Gray Gornto 134 757.683.5749


Graphics Poster Presentation Guidelines

Electronic Submission:

Digital materials may be submitted on portable media such as memory stick/CD/DVD

Submission Requirements

Along with the hard copy, submit your finalized text copy in Microsoft Word. Submit the Word document and high quality JPGs, TIFFs or Excel graphics on a memory stick or CD/DVD. All graphics should be in their native format. Graphic materials and photographs for print should be 300 dpi. Graphics should NOT be embedded in a document.

Graph Requirements:

All graphs done in any program other than Excel must be saved in one of the following formats: tiff, jpg, bmp, eps. If graphs are done in Excel, include the Excel files on the disk.

Digital images:

Submit digital images in one of the following formats: tiff, jpg, or eps. Please note that "gif" files, as well as anything downloaded from the Internet, are usually very poor quality for enlargement purposes and should not be used. Unless you know that the dpi (dots per inch) of the image is 300 or higher, please do not use Internet images. If you have a preference for the background of your poster, please let us know. It is possible to place a digital image in the background, such as a photo of your study site, study animal/specimen, SEM or other microscopic photo.

Poster Specifications:

State the exact finished size for the poster. The maximum size is 4' x 6'.


We will provide you with a printed proof copy for you to approve before the poster is printed.


For a poster that we are designing, please allow 7 to 10 business days from start to finish after all materials are submitted in proper formats.  For a poster for pring only, in PDF format, please allow at least two days.

Graphics Rate and Payment Options

Charges for our services are limited to the cost of the materials used. For pricing details, Please contact Taya Barnett at or Don Emminger at

Services may be paid for by University budget transfer (forms available in the Graphics Office) via budget code or grant number (budget unit director/principal investigator signature required) or by personal check made out to ODU.