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1FIG 2011 - Tutorials for CAD Methodologies in Computer EngFaculty Innovator GrantArts & LettersClosed
2BS/BA in CommunicationOnline Degree ProgramArts & LettersIn Production
3IDSTP-PEEM Major Content AreasOnline Degree ProgramArts & LettersIn Production
4COMM 395/495 - Sex, Culture & MediaOnline CourseArts & LettersClosed
5PHIL 230E - Introduction to EthicsOnline CourseArts & LettersClosed
6COMM 395 - Interpersonal Life SkillsOnline CourseArts & LettersIn Production
7GEOG 454W/554 - Geography of Latin AmericaOnline CourseArts & LettersIn Production
8POLS 331 - State and Local GovernmentOnline CourseArts & LettersQuality Assurance
9CRJS 222 - The Criminal Justice SystemOnline Course ConsultationArts & LettersIn Production
10POLS 101S - Introduction to American PoliticsOnline CourseArts & LettersIn Production
11COMM 270A - Film Appreciation (REDESIGN)Online CourseArts & LettersIn Production
12COMM 495 - Health CommunicationOnline CourseArts & LettersIn Production
13PHIL 110P - Introduction to PhilosophyOnline CourseArts & LettersIn Production
14GEOG 404/504 - Digital Techniques for Remote SensingOnline Course ConsultationArts & LettersIn Production
15PHIL 230E - Introduction to EthicsOnline CourseArts & LettersIn Production
16GEOG 100 - Culutral GeographyOnline CourseArts & LettersIn Production
17COMM 200S - Introduction to Human Communication (Redesign)Online CourseArts & LettersAwaiting Production
18FIG 2017 - Integrative Learning PracticesFaculty Innovator GrantArts & LettersIn Production
192017 OER Mini-Grant - OER for a Semester of English CompSpecial ProjectArts & LettersAwaiting Production
202017 OER Mini-Grant - Open Art AppreciationSpecial ProjectArts & LettersIn Production
21COMM 305 - Professional Communication (Redesign)Online CourseArts & LettersApproved
22CRJS 405 - Cybercrime and CybersecurityOnline CourseArts & LettersAwaiting Production
23DVD conversionMultimedia ProductionArts & LettersSubmitted
24Lit-Rally 2017 posterGraphic DesignArts & LettersSubmitted
25Test Online Course ConsultationOnline Course ConsultationAllQuality Assurance
26IT 317 - Principles of Technology ArchitectureOnline CourseBusinessIn Production
27MGMT 417 - Employment LawOnline CourseBusinessIn Production
282017 OER Mini-Grant - Negotiations (undergraduate-focused)Special ProjectBusinessIn Production
29PADM 653 - Wicked Problems in Public AdministrationOnline CourseBusinessIn Production
30PAS 395 - Public Service in Practice (Redesign)Online CourseBusinessAwaiting Production
31PAS 395 - Public Service Entrepreneurship (Redesign)Online CourseBusinessAwaiting Production
32PADM 718 - Public Sector Contract Administration (Redesign)Online CourseBusinessIn Production
33PADM 726 - Introduction to Public Procurement (Redesign)Online CourseBusinessIn Production
34Graduate Certificate in Business AnalyticsOnline Degree ProgramBusinessIn Production
35PADM 651 - Administrative Theory I (Redesign)Online CourseBusinessIn Production
36PADM 753 - Research Methods (Redesign)Online CourseBusinessIn Production
37MGMT 426 - Entrepreneurship: New Ventures CreationOnline CourseBusinessIn Production
38IT 417 - Management of Information SecurityOnline CourseBusinessIn Production
39PADM 695 - Local Government ManagementOnline CourseBusinessClosed
40FIG 2016 - Peer Educ by Online Videos in Intermediate AcctgFaculty Innovator GrantBusinessIn Production
41FIG 2016 - Dev Measurements for GenEd to Improve Stud LrngFaculty Innovator GrantBusinessIn Production
42Recruitment video for on-line MPA programMultimedia ProductionBusinessClosed
43BNAL 403/503 - Data Exploration and VisualizationOnline CourseBusinessQuality Assurance
44IT 461 - Implementing Internet ApplicationsOnline CourseBusinessIn Production
45FIN 434 - Management of Financial InstitutionsOnline CourseBusinessClosed
46IT 210 - Business Applications with C++Online CourseBusinessIn Production
47IT 150G - Basic Information Literacy and ResearchOnline CourseBusinessIn Production
48INBU 620 - International BusinessOnline CourseBusinessClosed
49MKTG 617 - Marketing StrategyOnline CourseBusinessClosed
50MGMT 621 - Business Policy and StrategyOnline CourseBusinessClosed
51IT 473 - System Design and ImplementationOnline CourseBusinessClosed
52ACCT 611 (MBA 001) - Financial AccountingOnline CourseBusinessClosed
53ECON 301 - Managerial EconomicsOnline CourseBusinessClosed
54ACCT 609 - Managerial AccountingOnline CourseBusinessClosed
55FIN 319 - Principles of Real EstateOnline CourseBusinessClosed
56IT 360T - Principles of Information TechnologyOnline CourseBusinessClosed
57PADM 708 - Urban and regional economic developmentOnline CourseBusinessIn Production
58ECON 618 - MacroeconomicsOnline CourseBusinessClosed
59PPCM 727 - Public Procurement and Project ManagementOnline CourseBusinessClosed
60MGMT 361 - International Business OperationsOnline CourseBusinessClosed
61IT 451 - Database AdministrationOnline CourseBusinessClosed
62MGMT 340 - Human Resource ManagementOnline CourseBusinessClosed
63BS Bus Admin - Finance TrackOnline Degree ProgramBusinessIn Production
64FIG 2013 - Using Workflow Tech to Create Secure Software ...Faculty Innovator GrantBusinessIn Production
65BS Bus Admin - Information Technology TrackOnline Degree ProgramBusinessIn Production
66FIG 2012 - Team-based Learning by Students' Video ClipsFaculty Innovator GrantBusinessIn Production
67IT 650 Online CourseOnline CourseBusinessAwaiting Production
68MKTG 407 - Marketing ResearchOnline Course ConsultationBusinessAwaiting Production
69Student Success ModulesSpecial ProjectDistance LearningIn Production
70CLT Repository ProjectAdministrative ProjectDistance LearningIn Production
71PRTS 406 - Outdoor Leadership & Environmental EducationOnline Course ConsultationEducationIn Production
72FIG 2016 - Rolling into Coding in a Hybrid ClassFaculty Innovator GrantEducationIn Production
73FIG 2012 - Improving Healthcare Informatics Competency in...Faculty Innovator GrantEducationIn Production
74FIG 2011 - Web2QuestFaculty Innovator GrantEducationIn Production
75SPED 705 - Advanced Student & Program Evaluation in Spec EdOnline CourseEducationClosed
76SPED 707 - Advanced StrategiesOnline CourseEducationClosed
77FIG 2017 - Representations to support refllection-in-actionFaculty Innovator GrantEducationAwaiting Production
782017 OER Mini-Grant - Incorporating OER into IDT 647 OnlineSpecial ProjectEducationAwaiting Production
792017 OER Mini-Grant - Promoting Information LiteracySpecial ProjectEducationAwaiting Production
80TLED 455/555 - Social Studies MethodsOnline CourseEducationIn Production
81SMGT 725- Sport EntrepreneurshipOnline CourseEducationIn Production
82TLED 618 - Assessment and Evaluation in PK-12 SchoolsOnline CourseEducationIn Production
83TLED 675 - English Language Learners in the PK-12 ClassroomOnline CourseEducationIn Production
84TLED 483/583 - Seminar in Teacher Education (Redesign)Online CourseEducationAwaiting Production
85Poster: Mobile Devices and Student QuestioningGraphic DesignEducationIn Production
86Presentation promoMultimedia ProductionEducationApproved
87MET 387 - Power and Energy LaboratoryOnline CourseEngineering and TechnologyIn Production
88MET 335W - Fluid Mechanics LaboratoryOnline CourseEngineering and TechnologyIn Production
89CET 341W - Soils Testing LabOnline CourseEngineering and TechnologyIn Production
90CET 340 - Soils & FoundationsOnline Course MaintenanceEngineering and TechnologyIn Production
91FIG 2017 - Creating a Video based Cybersecurity Hands-on LabFaculty Innovator GrantEngineering and TechnologyAwaiting Production
92FIG 2017 - Educ Tools For Improving Students' PerformanceFaculty Innovator GrantEngineering and TechnologyAwaiting Production
93FIG 2017 - Integrating R in Modeling and Simulation EducFaculty Innovator GrantEngineering and TechnologyIn Production
94CET 355 - Sustainable Building PracticesOnline CourseEngineering and TechnologyClosed
95FIG 2016 - GB2L: Enhancing Eng Ed w/Game Based LearningFaculty Innovator GrantEngineering and TechnologyIn Production
96ENMA 613 - Logistics & Supply Chain Mgmt (DVD Redesign)Online CourseEngineering and TechnologyIn Production
97BS Civil Engineering Technology Online Degree ProgramOnline Degree ProgramEngineering and TechnologyIn Production
98MET 330 - Fluid MechanicsOnline CourseEngineering and TechnologyIn Production
99HLSC 746 - EpidemiologyOnline CourseHealth ScienceClosed
100HLSC 785 - Issues & Opportunities in Global Health ResearchOnline CourseHealth ScienceIn Production
101FIG 2013 - Autism Spectrum Disorder-Integ Theory/ClinicalFaculty Innovator GrantHealth ScienceIn Production
102Certificate in Global HealthOnline Degree ProgramHealth ScienceIn Production
103Clinical CompetenciesMaterials for Existing CoursesHealth ScienceClosed
104NURS 401 - Intro to Prof Dev for Baccalaureate NursingOnline CourseHealth ScienceClosed
105NURS 311 - Therapeutic Diets IIOnline CourseHealth ScienceClosed
106NURS 310 - Therapeutic DietsOnline CourseHealth ScienceClosed
107DNTH 451 - Ergonomics & Ex for Static Posture OccupationsOnline Course ConsultationHealth ScienceIn Production
108CHP 328 - Public Health SciencesOnline CourseHealth ScienceIn Production
109CHP 335 - Population HealthOnline CourseHealth ScienceApproved
110NURS 480W - Nursing in the Health Care System: LeadershipMaterials for Existing CoursesHealth ScienceIn Production
111CHP 200 - Principles of Public HealthOnline CourseHealth ScienceAwaiting Production
112CHP 461 - Managerial EpidemiologyOnline CourseHealth ScienceIn Production
113NURS 355/455 - Genetics in NursingOnline CourseHealth ScienceIn Production
114NURS 480W - Nursing in the Healthcare System: LeadershipHybrid CourseHealth ScienceIn Production
115MEDT 350 - UrinalysisOnline CourseHealth ScienceIn Production
116ENVH 301 - Principles of Environmental Health ScienceOnline CourseHealth ScienceIn Production
117MEDT 403W - Management in a Clinical SettingOnline CourseHealth ScienceIn Production
118CHP 390 - US Health Care SystemOnline CourseHealth ScienceIn Production
119NATA/Grad Research Day PosterGraphic DesignHealth ScienceIn Production
120The Importance of Teaching Telehealth Etiquette:Graphic DesignHealth ScienceIn Production
121Online Nurse Educator Graduate CertificateOnline Degree ProgramHealth ScienceAwaiting Dean Approval
122NURS 720 - Instr Delivery Methods & Learner AssessmentOnline CourseHealth ScienceIn Production
123Celebrating 85 Years of Diversity at ODUGraphic DesignOtherIn Production
124Trial - Online Course Cons QA Checklist (DO NOT DELETE)Online Course ConsultationOtherSubmitted
125Play Therapy ProgramOnline Degree ProgramOtherApproved
126XEDC 1188 - MAT Study Prep CourseHybrid CourseOtherIn Production
127Web Content Management TrainingOnline CourseOtherAwaiting Production
128VHS conversion to DVDMultimedia ProductionOtherIn Production
129CLT Software InventoryAdministrative ProjectOtherOn Going
130CLT Demo - Demo Course with Staff as ClientsOnline CourseOtherIn Production
131Reality Augmentation as a Visual and Spatial tool in LearninGraphic DesignOtherIn Production
132FIG 2016 - Making a Connection: Stats&Methods in Real WorldFaculty Innovator GrantSciencesIn Production
133FIG 2016 - Address Common Math Errors-Spec Online TutorialsFaculty Innovator GrantSciencesIn Production
134FIG 2016 - Implementation of Dynamic Geometry AppletsFaculty Innovator GrantSciencesIn Production
135Psychology Curriculum RevisionOnline Degree ProgramSciencesIn Production
136CS 417/517 - Introduction to Numerical MethodsOnline CourseSciencesAwaiting Production
137Research videoMultimedia ProductionSciencesClosed
138PSYC 410 - Human CognitionOnline CourseSciencesClosed
139Online Introduction to Bioinformatics courseOnline Course ConsultationSciencesAwaiting Production
140CS 390 - Introduction to Theoretical Computer ScienceOnline CourseSciencesClosed
141Graduate Certificate in Cyber SecurityOnline Degree ProgramSciencesIn Production
142BIOL 292 - EvolutionOnline CourseSciencesClosed
143Computer Science MSOnline Degree ProgramSciencesIn Production
144Computer Science BSOnline Degree ProgramSciencesIn Production
145STAT 130 - Elementary Statistics OnlineOnline CourseSciencesQuality Assurance
146CS 723/823 - BioinformaticsOnline CourseSciencesClosed
1472017 OER Mini-Grant - Using Free Mathematica ResourcesSpecial ProjectSciencesAwaiting Production
1482017 OER Mini-Grant - Integrative Approach to TeachingSpecial ProjectSciencesIn Production
149CS 763/863 - Malware Reverse-engineeringOnline CourseSciencesIn Production
150PSYC 353 - Psychology of Adulthood and AgingOnline CourseSciencesIn Production
151CHEM 211 - Organic Chemistry Lecture 1Online CourseSciencesIn Production
152STAT 405/505 - Introduction to Data HandlingOnline CourseSciencesIn Production
153FIG 2017 - Implementation of Modified Flipped ClassroomFaculty Innovator GrantSciencesAwaiting Production
154FIG 2017 - Supplemental Critical Thinking ExplorationsFaculty Innovator GrantSciencesAwaiting Production
155BIOL 303 - Genetics (COURSE CONSULTATION)Online Course ConsultationSciencesIn Production
156PSYC 325 - Drugs and BehaviorOnline CourseSciencesIn Production
157BIOL 291 - Ecology (COURSE CONSULTATION)Online Course ConsultationSciencesIn Production
158CHEM 121N - Foundations of Chemistry IOnline CourseSciencesIn Production
159PSYC 203S - Lifespan Development (COURSE MAINTENANCE)Online Course MaintenanceSciencesIn Production
160PSYC 306 - Health Psychology (NEW MATERIAL)Materials for Existing CoursesSciencesQuality Assurance
161CS 250 - Problem Solving and Programming IIOnline CourseSciencesIn Production
162PSYC 424 - Physiological PsychologyOnline CourseSciencesIn Production
163Print: SHARC Conference Poster 1Graphic DesignSciencesIn Production
164Mountain shadows (minor revisions)Graphic DesignSciencesIn Production
165Print: SHARC Conference Poster 2Graphic DesignSciencesIn Production
166Print: SHARC Conference Poster 3Graphic DesignSciencesIn Production
167Print: SHARC Conference Poster 4Graphic DesignSciencesIn Production