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#TitleProject TypeCollegeStatus
1HR TrainingSpecial ProjectAdministrationIn Production
2UNIV 110 - Academic SuccessOnline CourseAdministrationAwaiting Production
3POLS 331 - State and Local GovernmentOnline CourseArts & LettersIn Production
4CRJS 222 - The Criminal Justice SystemOnline Course ConsultationArts & LettersIn Production
5PHIL 250E - World ReligionsOnline CourseArts & LettersIn Production
6GEOG 402/502 - Geographic Information SystemsOnline Course ConsultationArts & LettersIn Production
7COMM 425 - Family CommunicationOnline CourseArts & LettersIn Production
8POLS 101, Intro to American PoliticsOnline CourseArts & LettersIn Review
9COMM 270A RevisionOnline CourseArts & LettersIn Review
10GEOG 454W/554 - Geography of Latin AmericaOnline CourseArts & LettersIn Production
11COMM 395 - Interpersonal Life SkillsOnline CourseArts & LettersIn Production
12PHIL 230E - Introduction to EthicsOnline CourseArts & LettersClosed
13FIG 2011 - Tutorials for CAD Methodologies in Computer EngFaculty Innovator GrantArts & LettersClosed
14BS/BA in CommunicationOnline Degree ProgramArts & LettersIn Production
15IDSTP-PEEM Major Content AreasOnline Degree ProgramArts & LettersIn Production
16COMM 395/495 - Sex, Culture & MediaOnline CourseArts & LettersClosed
17IT 473 - System Design and ImplementationOnline CourseBusinessClosed
18IT 360T - Principles of Information TechnologyOnline CourseBusinessClosed
19PADM 708 - Urban and regional economic developmentOnline CourseBusinessIn Production
20BS Bus Admin - Finance TrackOnline Degree ProgramBusinessIn Production
21ACCT 609 - Managerial AccountingOnline CourseBusinessClosed
22FIN 319 - Principles of Real EstateOnline CourseBusinessClosed
23FIG 2013 - Using Workflow Tech to Create Secure Software ...Faculty Innovator GrantBusinessIn Production
24Online Professional MBAOnline Degree ProgramBusinessIn Production
25ACCT 611 (MBA 001) - Financial AccountingOnline CourseBusinessClosed
26ECON 301 - Managerial EconomicsOnline CourseBusinessClosed
27BS Bus Admin - Common Body of Knowledge (CBK)Online Degree ProgramBusinessIn Production
28MPA OnlineOnline Degree ProgramBusinessIn Production
29On-line Public Service MinorOnline Degree ProgramBusinessQuality Assurance
30BS Bus Admin - Information Technology TrackOnline Degree ProgramBusinessIn Production
31FIG 2012 - Team-based Learning by Students' Video ClipsFaculty Innovator GrantBusinessIn Production
32IT 210 - Business Applications with C++Online CourseBusinessIn Production
33INBU 620 - International BusinessOnline CourseBusinessClosed
34ECON 618 - MacroeconomicsOnline CourseBusinessClosed
35PPCM 727 - Public Procurement and Project ManagementOnline CourseBusinessClosed
36IT 474 - Strategic IT AdministrationOnline CourseBusinessIn Production
37MKTG 617 - Marketing StrategyOnline CourseBusinessClosed
38MGMT 621 - Business Policy and StrategyOnline CourseBusinessClosed
39MGMT 361 - International Business OperationsOnline CourseBusinessClosed
40IT 451 - Database AdministrationOnline CourseBusinessClosed
41MGMT 340 - Human Resource ManagementOnline CourseBusinessClosed
42FIN 434 - Management of Financial InstitutionsOnline CourseBusinessIn Production
43Two Videos about MalwareMultimedia ProductionBusinessApproved
44IT 461 - Implementing Internet ApplicationsOnline CourseBusinessIn Production
45IT 317Online CourseBusinessIn Review
46Dev Measurements for a Gen Ed Course to Improve Student LrngFaculty Innovator GrantBusinessIn Production
47BNAL 403/503 - Data Exploration and VisualizationOnline CourseBusinessIn Production
48Peer Education by Online Videos in Intermediate AccountingFaculty Innovator GrantBusinessIn Production
49Recruitment video for on-line MPA programMultimedia ProductionBusinessClosed
50Animation video updateMultimedia ProductionBusinessApproved
51PADM 695 - Local Government ManagementOnline CourseBusinessIn Production
52MGMT 485W - Business Policy and StrategyOnline CourseBusinessIn Production
53MGMT 325 - Contemporary Orgs and Mgmt (3SCH-Redesign)Online CourseBusinessIn Production
54IT 453 - Database Deployment and Performance TuningOnline CourseBusinessApproved
55FUSION LabMultimedia ProductionDistance LearningApproved
56CLT Repository ProjectAdministrative ProjectDistance LearningIn Production
57Student Success ModulesSpecial ProjectDistance LearningIn Production
58Clinical Application Video ExamplesMultimedia ProductionEducationApproved
59FIG 2012 - Improving Healthcare Informatics Competency in...Faculty Innovator GrantEducationIn Production
60Special Education Online Masters degree programOnline Degree ProgramEducationIn Production
61FIG 2011 - Web2QuestFaculty Innovator GrantEducationIn Production
62SPED 705 - Advanced Student & Program Evaluation in Spec EdOnline CourseEducationClosed
63SPED 707 - Advanced StrategiesOnline CourseEducationClosed
64Reading Program Video - Lower ThirdsSpecial ProjectEducationIn Production
65PRTS 406 - Outdoor Leadership & Environmental EducationOnline Course ConsultationEducationIn Production
66TPACK videoMultimedia ProductionEducationApproved
67TLED 638 - Dynamic Assessment of Teaching and LearningOnline CourseEducationAwaiting Production
68TLED 618 - Assessment and Evaluation in PK-12 SchoolsOnline CourseEducationAwaiting Production
69Instructor videoMultimedia ProductionEducationApproved
70HMS 695 Special Topics: Sport EntrepreneurshipOnline CourseEducationIn Review
71Rolling into Coding in a Hybrid ClassFaculty Innovator GrantEducationIn Production
72Test on BBMaterials for Existing CoursesEducationSubmitted
73copy examsMaterials for Existing CoursesEducationIn Review
74Errors PatternsGraphic DesignEducationIn Production
75ENMA 613 - Logistics & Supply Chain Mgmt (DVD Redesign)Online CourseEngineering and TechnologyIn Production
76GB2L: Enhancing Eng Education with Game Based LearningFaculty Innovator GrantEngineering and TechnologyIn Production
77CET 341 - Soils Testing LabOnline CourseEngineering and TechnologyIn Production
78BS Civil Engineering Technology Online Degree ProgramOnline Degree ProgramEngineering and TechnologyIn Production
79CET 355 - Sustainable Building PracticesOnline CourseEngineering and TechnologyClosed
80FIG 2013 - Autism Spectrum Disorder-Integ Theory/ClinicalFaculty Innovator GrantHealth ScienceIn Production
81NURS 363 - Nursing ScienceOnline CourseHealth ScienceClosed
82NURS 310 - Therapeutic DietsOnline CourseHealth ScienceClosed
83Certificate in Global HealthOnline Degree ProgramHealth ScienceIn Production
84Clinical CompetenciesMaterials for Existing CoursesHealth ScienceClosed
85HLSC 746 - EpidemiologyOnline CourseHealth ScienceClosed
86NURS 401 - Intro to Prof Dev for Baccalaureate NursingOnline CourseHealth ScienceClosed
87NURS 311 - Therapeutic Diets IIOnline CourseHealth ScienceClosed
88NURS 356/456 - Global Health PerspectivesOnline CourseHealth ScienceQuality Assurance
89Development of Training Modules for Clinical Outcomes AssessFaculty Innovator GrantHealth ScienceIn Production
90NURS 417 - Information ManagementOnline CourseHealth ScienceIn Production
91NURS 376 - Principles of Practice: Pharm Across ContinuumOnline CourseHealth ScienceIn Production
92NURS 355/455 - Genetics in NursingOnline CourseHealth ScienceIn Production
93NURS 357/457 - Palliative Care in NursingOnline CourseHealth ScienceIn Production
94Issues and Opportunities in Global Health ResearchOnline CourseHealth ScienceIn Review
95MEDT 350 UrinalysisOnline CourseHealth ScienceIn Review
96Develop MEDT 441 for the BSMT Degree Completion ProgramOnline CourseHealth ScienceIn Review
97Materials from RN-BSN N490W for hybrid N480WHybrid CourseHealth ScienceIn Review
98Web Content Management TrainingOnline CourseOtherIn Review
99Prototype Module: Statics for FE Exam ReviewSpecial ProjectOtherIn Production
100Reality Augmentation as a Visual and Spatial tool in LearninGraphic DesignOtherIn Production
101UNIV 150 - Writing for College SuccessOnline CourseOtherQuality Assurance
102CLT Software InventoryAdministrative ProjectOtherOn Going
103CLT Demo - Demo Course with Staff as ClientsOnline CourseOtherIn Production
104BIOL 292 - EvolutionOnline CourseSciencesClosed
105CS 723/823 - BioinformaticsOnline CourseSciencesClosed
106Computer Science MSOnline Degree ProgramSciencesIn Production
107Computer Science BSOnline Degree ProgramSciencesIn Production
108CS 500 - Computer Science FoundationsOnline CourseSciencesIn Production
109PSYC 410 - Human CognitionOnline CourseSciencesClosed
110Online Introduction to Bioinformatics courseOnline Course ConsultationSciencesAwaiting Production
111CS 390 - Introduction to Theoretical Computer ScienceOnline CourseSciencesIn Production
112MATH 200 - Calculus for Business and EconomicsOnline CourseSciencesIn Production
113PSYC 420 - Cross-Cultural PsychologyOnline CourseSciencesIn Production
114Research videoMultimedia ProductionSciencesClosed
115CS 725/825 Information VisualizationOnline CourseSciencesIn Production
116CS 417/517 - Introduction to Numerical MethodsOnline CourseSciencesAwaiting Production
117Psychology Curriculum RevisionOnline Degree ProgramSciencesIn Production
118STAT 130 - Elementary Statistics OnlineOnline CourseSciencesIn Production
119Implementation of Dynamic Geometry AppletsFaculty Innovator GrantSciencesIn Production
120Making a Connection: Statistics and Methods in the Real WorlFaculty Innovator GrantSciencesIn Production
121Addressing Common Math Errors Using Spec Online TutorialsFaculty Innovator GrantSciencesAwaiting Production
122Mountain shadowsGraphic DesignSciencesIn Production
123Course Development for Psychology of Adulthood and AgingOnline CourseSciencesIn Review
124CS 762/862 - Memory Analysis & ForensicsOnline CourseSciencesIn Production
125Biology 303 OnlineOnline CourseSciencesIn Review
126Course developmentOnline CourseSciencesIn Review