2013 Faculty Summer Institute: Bridging the Gap Between Teaching and Learning
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published: Wed Jan 9, 2013 1:14 pm / Wed Jan 9, 2013 1:14 pm

The Center for Learning and Teaching (CLT) at Old Dominion University invites all research, teaching, and adjunct faculty from Old Dominion University and from across Virginia to attend and/or to present at the 2013 Faculty Summer Institute on Teaching and Learning

Submit your proposal now to present your best teaching practices at CLT’s 15th Annual Faculty Summer Institute, Bridging the Gap Between Teaching and Learning, at the Ted Constant Convocation Center on May 21-22.

Ken Bain, historian, educator, and author of the international best-seller What the Best College Teachers Do (Harvard University Press, 2004) will join us to offer the keynote address and launch the Institute.

This year’s Institute is organized around five themes.  Each theme may include presentations of papers, panel discussions, roundtable discussions, or workshops. We are seeking presenters who are willing to share their personal teaching and learning journeys, including both ups and downs.  The themes include:

         Sharing Ideas to Bridge the Gap: Faculty Learning Communities   Working with colleagues inside and outside your department; sharing, reflecting, and learning; using your network to promote reflective teaching practices; interrogating your own underlying assumptions and practices; engaging with colleagues in continuous reflection and collaboration

         Reflecting About Your Own Teaching Practices:  Your Reflective Journey   Shared personal stories: how has your teaching evolved over the years because of your self-awareness and your use of reflective practices to rethink, renew, and adapt new teaching practices?  How congruent are your teaching philosophies and your teaching practices?

         Engaging Your Students:  An Active Learning Approach   Shared experiences in fostering students’ self-directed learning, attitudes, and values; promoting preflection as a strategy to enhance and enrich students’ reflection about their learning

         Transitioning from Face-to-Face to Online Teaching   Your chance to share your personal story: are you using your F2F teaching experience as a reference point?  What differentiates your online students from your F2F students?  What teaching and learning assumptions and beliefs were shattered or enhanced during your transition from F2F to online?  How are you promoting a sense of community among your students?

         Using Teaching and Learning Technologies   How-to seminars and workshops on tools used to bridge the gap between teaching and learning.  Tools of particular interest: online tools; voice-enhanced content presentation; digital storytelling; mobile devices, apps, and tools; and electronic portfolio tools, to name a few.

Submit your proposal to present (a paper, or a panel discussion of your colleagues, or in a roundtable discussion or a workshop) at the Institute by March 1.  Accepted proposals will be announced in mid-March.

Read more online about the 2013 Faculty Summer Institute on Teaching and Learning and use the Online Proposal Form in Call for Proposals to submit your proposal.