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Adobe Connect Online Workshop      00:00 - 00:00   Monday     09/18/2017

Date: 09/18/2017 Day: MondayTime: 00:00 - 00:00 Delivery Mode: Web; Category: Educational Technologies
CLT Host: Yong Chen
Location: Face to face and Web Conference workshops are delivered from Gornto 101; Online workshops are in Blackboard. Status: 16 of 16 slots available

Adobe Connect is an online meeting tool where faculty and students can engage in synchronous collaboration using text, audio, and video. Participants in online meetings can also share applications and a whiteboard during the meeting. This is a two part series at ODU’s Center for Learning and Teaching that must be taken in sequence.

(1) In the "Basics Workshop" participants will learn the "basics" of using the online meeting interface.

(2) In the "Beyond the Basics Workshop" participants will explore and practice using the many "beyond basics" features and tools as they relate to content presentation, student presentation, collaboration, document sharing, small group work, recordings, and more. PLEASE NOTE: Part I (BASICS) is a prerequisite for Part II (BEYOND THE BASICS).

Because the online workshop is self-paced, some participants will prefer to and be able to allocate time to finish very quickly and others may need to work at a slower pace. There are no deadlines except to finish within 7 days. The estimated time to complete the workshop in one session is 2 hours.

~~Begins 9/18; Ends 9/24 Web-based, Self-paced


At the conclusion of the BASICS workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Identify common uses of Adobe Connect
  • Configure a meeting space
  • Practice commonly used tool features
  • Identify student preparation requirements for using Adobe Connect prior to first class meeting

At the conclusion of the BEYOND THE BASICS workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Share applications for collaborative activities
  • Utilize the record features
  • Utilize polling
  • Utilize breakout meetings
  • Manage pods and layouts

Participants will be comfortable utilizing a variety of tools in the meeting space to facilitate interactive and collaborative activities.

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