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Bb: Designing & Adding Communication and Collabora      10:00 - 12:00   Tuesday     08/05/2014

Date: 08/05/2014 Day: TuesdayTime: 10:00 - 12:00 Delivery Mode: F2F; Two-Way; Category: Blackboard
CLT Host: Christine Nickel
Location: GORNTO 101 Status: Registration has been closed for this event.  Why?

Prerequisite: Getting Started with Blackboard or equivalent experience.

Participants will discuss and explore tools in Blackboard that can be used for interaction and collaboration in assignments, assessment, office hours, learning community, and general communication.


At the conclusion of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • select appropriate tools to accomplish their interaction and collaboration needs
  • configure options for tools they select (or understand how to get help)
  • assess student activity for the tools they select (or understand how to get help)

Faculty will promote deep learning by engaging their students with the content, with each other, and with the faculty.

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