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Leveraging Social Media to Enhance Your Courses with Yuping Liu-Thompson      10:00 - 12:00   Friday     10/18/2013

Date: 10/18/2013 Day: FridayTime: 10:00 - 12:00 Delivery Mode: F2F; Two-Way; Category: Educational Technologies
Presenter: Yuping Liu-Thompkins
CLT Host: Loreta Ulmer
Location: Gornto 101 Status: This event has been canceled.

QR Codes typically look like small squares made up of black and white pixels. These codes are arguably one of the easiest technologies to use and make. Despite the ease of use, QR Codes can provide an enormous amount of teaching and learning opportunities. This two hour session will equip the participants with a variety of strategies that can be used regardless of subject content. Strategies include; how to make links for homework help, how to create links to audio instructions (take your pick of languages), and great ideas to get your students up out of their chairs with interactive scavenger hunts. This session is for learners at all levels, the technologies demonstrated are free and you will leave confident and ready to easily use and create QR Codes.                                                                                

Note:  If the participants can come to the session with i-nigma downloaded onto a iOS or Android device they will be able to test out the ideas during the lesson.  http://www.i-nigma.com/downloadi-nigmareader.html


At the conclusion of this workshop, instructors will be able to:

1. demonstrate how to read QR codes using i-nigma

2. know how to create QR Codes that link to a web address, audio, email, and their contact details.

2. make informed decisions about how to use QR Codes to enhance and extend students' learning.


Instructors will be able to demonstrate the use of QR codes for a variety of educational purposes that are customized to the subject content and the learners needs.

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