Web Browser Configuration Check

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This application will test for the minimum operating system and web browser requirements, and also for the required web browser plugins.

Run Browser Test

Important Notice for Internet Explorer Users:
If you are using Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 8: The Quicktime Player is a 32-bit plugin and will only function when using a 32-bit web browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox on Windows 8. Internet Explorer 11 is a 64 bit web browser and is incompatible with the Quicktime Plugin.
For Windows 7 and earlier users: This browser check requires that the Quicktime ActiveX control has permission to run. If it does not have permission by default, you may see an information bar at the top of this page similar to the image below:
  1. You will need to click on the information bar, and select Run ActiveX Control.
  2. Internet Explorer will display a prompt asking: Do you want to run this ActiveX control?
  3. Approve this control by clicking on the Run button.

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